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The Encounter Retreat

Experience a Radical Change in Your Life!

What is an Encounter?

An encounter is an experience where one is led to have a personal encounter with God. During the encounter weekend, the participant is carefully guided to confront the past and the present with the Word of God, so that God's purpose and plan for the future can be revealed and released. After the encounter, faith is activated, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are stirred up, and one is launched into a phase of preparation and discipleship to become a leader of God's people.

The goals of the encounter are:

- To be certain about one's salvation

- To experience true repentance

- To be delivered from any hang-ups, fears, anger, or addictions

- To receive inner healing

- To receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit

- To receive clear direction and vision

What happens at an Encounter?

Through the encounter one realizes that there is so much more in life after "accepting Jesus." Relationships are healed and restored with God's love and forgiveness. Dysfunctional, destructive, and sinful lifestyles are confronted with God's grace and turned around toward God and His care.

A pre-encounter session is scheduled to prepare the participants for the encounter. The encounter leader lays a foundation of what an encounter is and what should be expected.The participants are given practical things to do to prepare their hearts and minds to experience a personal encounter with God and are encouraged to expect Him to make changes in their lives.

At the encounter, the weekend is spent in several sessions that cover repentance, healing of hurts and emotions, deliverance, what Jesus did on the Cross, the Holy Spirit, and God's plan and vision. In each of these sessions, the participants are led to "walk through scriptures" and allow God to touch them personally, whether to confront sin and receive forgiveness or to reveal a deep hurt and receive the healing.

Immediately after the encounter weekend, a post-encounter session is held to provide practical teaching on:

How to walk in repentance and keep the healing and deliverance received at the encounter

How to face one's world (wife, children, parents and relatives, friends, and coworkers) with the changes that

  happened as a result of the encounter

What the next step is: School of Leaders

Where is it held?

Encounters are held separately for men, women, couples, youth, and children. They are typically held at a retreat camp, away from home and your work environment. The average number of people who attend the encounter is 50 to 60.

Is it for me?

At these encounters a miracle will happen in your life through the focused and powerful teaching of God's Word. You will be individually prayed for and ministered to by the encounter team, who expects nothing less than God's power to radically change your life.

Prior to the pre-encounter, the encounter team spends about one week in prayer and fasting for the encounter and all the participants, including you.

If you desire a change in your life because nothing is happening and life seems to be going nowhere, or you want to be used more by God, then, the encounter is for you!

Please Check our calendar o discover future encounter dates.


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