Bethel Unspeakable Joy Christian Fellowship Church, Inc.

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Through our prison ministry, we offer spiritual guidance and counseling to those who are incarcerated. We also provide transportation to those whose loved ones are in prison. On our current operations, we visit Ironwood State Prison or Callapatria State Prison one Saturday in every month. Please see the calendar for our scheduled trips.

Our trips and destinations greatly depend on two key factors:

1. The number of participants
2. Where the majority of the participants desire to go

If you help us spread the word of this program in your circle of influence, it can result in more stable trips. And if the numbers are favorable; trips to different prisons.

Fees to reserve a seat for a trip are as follows: $40.00 plus a separate donation for
adults, $20.00 plus a separate donation for children.

For more information, please contact us at (323) 585-5939 ext. 307, or email us at