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Welcome to the Government of 12!

The Government of 12 is a methodology - a way or order of doing things - for developing leaders to bring in the harvest that Jesus refers to in Luke 10:2 - "The harvest is plentiful."

The Government of 12 consists of four simple steps, called the Ladder of Success, where one goes through the steps, wins people for Christ, and develops them into leaders who will, in turn, go through the same process all over again. These steps are:

Get ready to embark on a journey that will break every mold of religion and tradition and launch you into doing
things for God and with God, for His people and with His people.

GO! Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send!

"Now that I have received Jesus Christ in my heart, what do I do?"

"When I prayed in front of the Pastor last Sunday, I did not feel a thing. Should something happen? Should I feel something? How do I really know that I am saved?"

Welcome to your new life in Christ!These are absolutely good questions and there is nothing to be ashamed of by asking them. You have just become a new citizen of the kingdom of God.

The following are the next steps that we suggest you follow, so that you can begin to know the answers to the questions above. Through these steps, we intend to start you walking in the right path of your relationship with Jesus.

- Attend an Encounter. Get rid of the"baggage" that has been hindering you from enjoying the blessings of God and preventing you from having a powerful walk with Jesus.

- Be water baptized. Water baptism is a public demonstration of leaving your old nature behind and beginning with a new "born-again" nature.

- Attend the School of Leaders. Gain the appropriate knowledge, so that you can win others to Jesus, be discipled and mentored through His Word and through God's leaders, and lead others in gathering in the harvest.

- Connect to a cell. Having people of God around you at this time when you have numerous questions and even new struggles is a tremendous support and source of encouragement.


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